Healthier Living Through Better Communication  
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Our Mission

The Partnership for Healthy Living is a community alliance. Our purpose is to educate the public, share information, identify resources, and to build strong lasting partnerships. Through these concentrations we seek to make healthy living more achievable.

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Step ONE Letter of Appreciation to the Partnership

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been attending our meetings and responded to requests. As many of you may know, nearly one year ago Step ONE held a forum to discuss Child Obesity and the Faith-based community. Out of that meeting came a consensus that our community needed an avenue to hold open discussion, share information, and create sustainable partnerships.

In follow-up to the comments of that forum, Step ONE decided to conduct regular meetings. As those meetings gathered momentum, it was clear the group wanted more organization and the Partnership for Healthy Living was born. Hamilton County and Step ONE are happy to continue facilitating the PHL and look forward to working with everyone who is making this possible.

This Partnership for Healthy Living would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of those on the Steering Committee. They have created a structure that will not only help Step ONE achieve its vision but more importantly, help everyone who is in the Partnership achieve their goals as well. By working together, we can create a healthier Hamilton County. As I stated a couple of meetings back, I don’t have all of the answers and no one organization can solve all of the unhealthy lifestyle issues in Hamilton County, but with our collective knowledge and efforts we can make headway towards achieving our goals.

Several of you have begun to form partnerships that may have not been formed without the PHL. I wish you all success with your projects and hope that we all continue to refer one another’s programs when the times are right. This Partnership for Healthy Living is an open forum to anyone or group who is looking for information, support, help or partners for healthy living projects. Without the continued cooperation and compassion of this group, all of our jobs would be made more difficult.

So to everyone who has come to meetings, answered requests for help, served on the steering committee and to those of you who are wanting to take up a larger role in the Partnership — Thank You So Very Much.

Respectfully Yours,
John Bilderback
Step ONE Program Manager