Our Mission

To create a culture of health in Hamilton County where residents choose to eat healthy and be physically active.

Our Goals

  • To improve nutrition and increase physical activity thereby decreasing obesity among individuals residing in Hamilton County.
    • To educate the public in regards to the fitness and nutrition practices of Hamilton County residents and how those practices relate to the incidence of obesity in the community.
    • To promote and provide community wide opportunities which encourage all residents to participate in good nutrition, fitness and weight loss initiatives
    • To assist community partners in establishing nutrition, fitness and weight loss initiatives designed specifically to their target population.
  • To establish a strong organizational network of community partners which includes key leadership from government, area businesses, schools, and community based organizations.
    • To establish an organizational structure that will support a broad-based, community-wide initiative.
    • To identify key government, business, school and community based organization leaders and recruit them to partner with the Step One Program.
    • To organize work groups based on target population groups or affinity groups to develop strategies in support of the mission and goals of the program.
    • To support the implementation of the intervention strategies.
    • To evaluate the program's effectiveness in meeting its mission and goals.