Grow Healthy Together Chattanooga

Grow Healthy Together Chattanooga (GHTC) was initiated by the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department and numerous partners in 2009 through a four–year grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation called Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities. The goal of GHTC is to reverse and prevent childhood obesity in some of Chattanooga’s neediest communities by reducing the barriers to physical activity and healthy eating.

Step ONE is committed to building on the work done by two key community groups, the East Chattanooga Leadership Advisory Council (ELAC) and the South Chattanooga Leadership Advisory Council (SLAC). ELAC and SLAC worked in conjunction with other community organizations, agencies, and businesses to implement neighborhood improvements that resulted in a variety of healthy changes.

ELAC and SLAC priority areas:

  • Build community capacity to achieve and sustain safe neighborhood environments where healthy food and physical activity, especially in parks and recreation facilities are more accessible to children and families.
  • Ensure that future planning and policy decisions continue to promote the health of the East and South Chattanooga communities
  • Increase access to healthy affordable foods, and when possible, locally grown products.
  • Increase opportunities for safe physical activity, especially at parks and recreational facilities.

To date, ELAC and SLAC have:

  • Successfully collaborated with the YMCA, the Benwood Foundation, Step ONE, and the Chattanooga Area Food Bank to plan and implement the Chattanooga Mobile Market
  • Successfully worked with the Department of Education, the Hamilton County Board of Education, Orchard Knob Elementary School, and ChangeLab Solutions to institute an Open Use policy for all elementary school playgrounds
  • SLAC organized a clean-up day and successfully advocated for the revitalization of Milliken Park
  • SLAC continues to work with city and county officials for the development of the park space at the Bell School site
  • Worked with CARTA to identify locations for new bus shelters
  • ELAC worked with city traffic engineers, Hamilton County School bus engineers, and Safe Routes to School to address traffic calming issues in front of schools and recreation centers

For more information on Grow Healthy Together Chattanooga, please call Step ONE at (423) 209-8090.

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