Active Living

Active Living is defined as a lifestyle that integrates physical activity into daily routines. View this website for more information. Step ONE is committed to helping communities become more physically active. We collaborate with a wide range of organizations and government agencies on projects supported by research to increase physical activity of individuals.

Several recent studies have found that people who live close to viable parks engage in higher levels of physical activity than those who do not. Simply knowing where the closest parks and playgrounds are located can be the first step in getting you and your family more active together!

Step ONE has consolidated the information on many parks and school playgrounds all across Hamilton County into one interactive online map! After clicking the map images below just type in your address or, click a location on the map below to see what is near you!

Hamilton County Elementary School Playgrounds with Open Use Hours

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List of schools with open use hours

Hamilton County Parks, Trailheads, and 

Elementary School Playgrounds

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